about Ashland

Ashland has been almost a century in the making.

Throughout our evolution from oil company to diversified chemicals conglomerate, to a global specialty chemicals company, we’ve advanced by becoming ever more capable of adding unique value to customer products.


Ashland employee Ron H. always solving

always solving™

We are committed to the “always” part of our brand promise. The relentless pursuit of ways to transform the efficacy, usability, allure, integrity, and profitability of our customer’s products is at the center of our jobs and what makes us an indispensable partner.
Ashland’s journey has been marked by significant milestones the acquisitions of influential companies and chemistries, our spread across over 100 countries, the creation of an extraordinary management team, and most recently, Ashland’s separation from Valvoline and re-launch as a pure global specialty chemistry company. Today, we are a pure, specialty chemicals company with a singular focus on making our customers more successful and the world a better place.
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