the Ashland way

Ashland employees: Andrea F., William Z., Sanjay K., Vivian B., Eric B., Paul G., Chris W., Allison M., Jean Z., Karl B., Stefan O., Nelson C., Johan M., April J., Mary G., Mike C., Andy B., Robin L., David N., Jan Henk H., Esteban V., Rob O'Flynn O. always solving.

As you read through our vision, mission, and way, we hope you will believe that, to us, they are more than just words, they are our guiding principles.

People who have worked with Ashland know that we have a distinct way of doing things. It’s one of the main reasons customers come back and employees are so loyal.

At Ashland we share a core drive to solve. To solve technical problems and deliver breakthrough capabilities that transform what is possible. We also share a commitment to each other, our communities, sustainability, safety, commercial success, and much more.

Our vision is to make a better world by providing creative solutions through the application of specialty ingredients and materials.

Our mission is to develop practical, innovative, and elegant solutions to complex problems in applied chemistry, always pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and advancing the competitiveness of our customers across diverse industries.

Our way is to respect, protect, and advance the people we work with, companies we serve, shareholders who invest in our future, communities we're a part of, and planet we share.

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