pharmaceutical and health & wellness

who moves molecules like chess pieces?


we do.

Our people bring exceptional product knowledge, technical support and industry insights to help our customers amplify the efficacy, refine the usability, add to the allure, ensure the integrity, and improve the profitability of their products and applications.

always solving? 

We are committed to the "always" part of our brand promise. The relentless pursuit of ways to transform the efficacy, usability, allure, integrity and profitability of our customers' products is at the center of our jobs and we recognize it is what makes us a valued partner.

Here are just some of the ways we apply the Ashland 5 Effects? in Pharmaceuticals, Health & Wellness.

Though each segment has its own market focus with different end-use applications, the groups are strategically connected by chemistry.


As drug challenges become increasingly more complex, Ashland’s reliable range of functional polymers can help enhance bioavailability and improve API solubility. With binders, film coatings, disintegrants, and much more, our ingredients offer just the right mix to help your formulation perform to its full potential.

health & wellness

Our solutions add texture, increase moisture, and improve the solubility and dispersion characteristics of ingredients. In addition to process services and contract manufacturing we can create value for you through applications knowledge, market insight, and a distinctive product portfolio.


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