Understanding the Hiring Process

Browse Jobs

Find your next career opportunity by searching our open jobs.  You can search by location or key words.  If your ideal job isn’t listed, you can create a Job Search Agent to notify you when a new opportunity becomes available. 


Once you find your dream job, it is easy to apply.  Create a profile and upload your resume.  If you do not have a resume, you can fill in the on-line form.  This is your first chance to make a good impression so please take time to present an accurate summary of your credentials. 

Resume Review

Your resume will be evaluated by an experienced recruiter who understands the requirements of the position and will be able to determine whether or not you have the qualifications to be successful in the position.  Applicants who are not a good match for the position will be notified via email.  


Interviews are conversations designed to share information.  As we ask questions designed to understand your skills, experience and goals, we expect you will have questions for us.  The first conversation is usually a telephone screening.  If there is mutual interest, there will be additional interviews culminating in a site visit. 


After completion of the interview process, the hiring team will review the candidates and determine who will be the best fit for the position.  If you are selected, you will receive a verbal offer followed by a written offer.  
** Ashland will not extend an offer without following the above process, nor will you be required to make a monetary contribution.  If you are concerned about the legitimacy of an offer, please contact us at [email protected].

Pre-employment Checks

Every offer is contingent on the successful completion of the pre-employment checks required for the position.  You will be asked to complete a drug test, physical (if required), criminal background check, driving record, employment verification and education verification.  We will schedule the appointments and provide assistance throughout the process.


Welcome!  Ashland’s Onboarding program is designed to help you integrate quickly into your new work environment.  In addition to attending Orientation, your manager will have prepared a Learning Map listing a variety of learning opportunities to position you for success.   

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