Window Films

Let the sun shine (safely) in

While beautiful, sunlight streaming through a window can also create uncomfortable and even possibly dangerous environments for building residents. The right window film can provide a one-step solution to both situations.  Ashland's adhesives for window films solutions help builders and automakers by maintaining a consistent comfortable temperature, stabilize energy consumption and costs and help reduce, if not eliminate, harmful UV radiation that has been linked to skin cancer. The people of Ashland stick with a problem until they find a solution and window films are no exception, providing a clear view to the best solution.

When storms or accidents arise, window safety films prevent broken glass from flying around and creating more injuries.  Ashland films protect appliances from scratching during installation and carpet films help maintain that 'just installed' look. When your situation or problem calls for a film, call Ashland.

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The Aroset™ line of acrylic polymers represents a broad range of resins used in high-quality and high-performance adhesive products for consumer and industrial use. These include tapes, labels, decals, decorative films, mounting foams and medical and graphic arts applications. Aroset resins exhibit excellent clarity, uv resistance, and desirable aging characteristics. Thermoplastic, thermosetting and self-crosslinking types provide a wide r...

Aroset? solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives

Aroset™ emulsion pressure sensitive-adhesives are designed for a wide range of specialty permanent and removable applications. Our coater-ready formulations meet the most stringent performance requirements on paper, film and vinyl substrates in label, tape and graphic applications. Ashland works with you to determine your specifications and then drawing on its technology and experience, helps determine the best product - whether it is stand...

Aroset? emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive


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