Mineral Processing

Mining for solutions

With the ability to withstand high temperatures (90°C) as well as the harsh acids and acid chlorides used in mineral extraction, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) materials are rapidly replacing conventional materials such as alloys and concrete.

The resins used in FRP materials protect tanks, scrubbers, pipes and more to extend the service life of your equipment and keep your hydromet process moving. 

Cost-effective Derakane™ epoxy vinyl esters offer unsurpassed durability for mineral extraction equipment including:

  • electrowinning cells
  • storage and processing vessels
  • acid & abrasion resistant piping
  • ducting and scrubbers
  • acid plants

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Derakane™ offers proven excellence in corrosion-resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) applications, including exceptional durability, superior heat resistance, low maintenance and high performance for even the most challenging environments. Ashland is the largest global supplier of specialty corrosion resins.

Derakane? epoxy vinyl ester resin

Critical applications require world-class solutions from the global leader in resin chemistry – Ashland. As the largest global supplier of specialty corrosion resins, our Hetron epoxy vinyl ester resins have a legacy of excellence in corrosion-resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), from chemical processing, water treatment and air pollution control to mineral processing. Hetron resins deliver unmatched corrosion performance in FRP tanks, ...

Hetron? epoxy vinyl ester resin


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