biofunctional technologies

Ashland’s Vincience™ biofunctional solvers have invented and patented new product manufacturing technologies and extraction processes over the past 50 years that continue to shape the strong foundations required to design its new and differentiated cosmetic biofunctionals.

With a strong focus to use ingredients sourced from nature while creating innovations for cosmetics, Ashland solvers have combined their knowledge in chemistry, physics, botany and biology to imagine new technologies. This resulted in two breakthrough technologies recently launched: the PSR™ technology and the Zeta Fraction™ technology.

Discover our different technologies: 

pc bio2 - plant oils.jpg
This technology selectively transforms oils from plants and delivers high concentrations of active ingredients to your skin naturally while providing hydration and nourishment similar to our own natural skin oil (sebum).

pc bio2 - peptide design.jpg
Synthetic peptides are sequenced and designed to mimic molecules of interest found in the skin. This technology scientifically analyzes the::

  • molecular structure and activity relationships
  • conservation within protein families and during evolution
  • active sites and structural protein regions

pc bio2 - biomimetic synthesis.jpg

Biomimetic synthesis technology produces pure molecular composition by monitored and controlled synthesis where the molecules are designed to mimic the skin's natural molecules. 

pc bio2 - biotech extraction.jpg
This technology allows the production of new ingredients based on plant or microalgae cell culture.

pc bio2 - botanical extraction.jpg
Botanical extraction technology utilizes sustainable extraction processes such as:

  • mild extraction in green solvents (water, glycols from botanical origin…)
  • moderate chemical hydrolysis
  • enzymatic controlled and monitored process

pc bio2 - genomic.jpg
Based on the biomimetic peptide design approach, a specific “genomic design” technology is associated with the identification of plants rich in this specific peptide sequences (plant proteome). 

pc bio2 - marine extraction.jpg
Natural Biofunctional Ingredient extracted from aquatic and marine sources.  

pc bio2 - PSR.jpg 
PSR™ (Plant Small RNA) technology is a patented extraction process Ashland developed a to obtain plant extracts rich in small RNA. These extracts also include other essential active biomolecules from the plant to create a powerful synergy .  

pc bio2 - co2.jpg
Supercritical CO2 extraction is a safe method of efficient botanical extraction using a clean, non-toxic solvent. 

pc bio2 - zeta.jpg
Zeta Fraction™ technology gently separates live plants or algae into various bioactive components – or Zeta Fractions – without the use of solvents and with minimal energy consumption making potent, sustainable and truly innovation solutions a reality.



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