Chromabond? S-100 polymer

Chemistry: PVP polymers and VP derivatives

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Chromabond™ S-100 polymer is a premium dye-transfer inhibiton polymer.  It inhibits dye transfer from one garment to another during the laundry process. Chromabond S-100 polymer is a vinyl pyridine-based polymer that contains betaine functionality that is compatible with anionic detergent ingredients. The polymer demonstrates superior complexing of fugitive dyes at cost-effective levels.

Home Care Features and Benefits:

  • functions as a dye transfer inhibitor and anti-soil redeposition agent
  • complexes with dyes and other aromatics to prevent color transfer
  • inhibits the transfer of a wide range of dye types
  • prevents deposition of oil and clay-based soils on a range of fabrics

Home Care Applications:

  • liquid detergents
  • color care laundry products

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