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Effective drug delivery in liquid form poses some unique challenges with rheology, texture, consistency and stability at the top of the list. Ashland's promise - always solving™ - inspires our goal of willing to work with you to find new sophisticated solutions to advance drug delivery. With our extensive polymer portfolio, R&D capabilities and testing facilities combined with your complex drug molecues, we can yield solutions that both deliver and improve the bioavailability of needed medication.

Targeted rheology, texture and stabilization in oral-liquid dosage forms play vital roles in delivery of the pharmaceutical components. The water binding and viscosity modification capacities of many of Ashland’s polymers thicken and suspend in liquids, gels, syrups and semi-solid dosage forms for improved patient satisfaction and shelf life of products. 


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The molecular structure of cyclodextrins creates a bucket-like cavity that can complex with molecules or functional groups on molecules to improve solubility of poorly soluble compounds. The same mechanism makes these excipients capable of masking unpleasant taste/odor and stabilizing drugs that are prone to degradation. The number of glucose units in the ring determines the internal diameter of the cavity and its volume, as the height of the cyc...

CAVAMAX? native cyclodextrins

Natrosol™ hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC), a nonionic, water-soluble polymer, is a white, free-flowing granular powder. It is made by reacting ethylene oxide with alkali-cellulose under rigidly controlled conditions. Purified HEC for personal care and cosmetic applications is typically sold at 95.0 percent minimum purity (dry basis).  Solutions of Natrosol HEC are pseudoplastic or shear-thinning. As a result, personal care products formula...

Natrosol? hydroxyethylcellulose


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